The Cops Did Not Know the Law! Colorado Springs, Bancroft Park.

in police •  6 months ago

I had to call the cops today for something going on it in park that did not set right with me.

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lol.....Charlie M?!?!?!?!?!?


Lol gold :)

This may not impact others as much as me but one time I saw the world COP spelled out. Citizen on Patrol. They should go back to that slogan because it makes you respect police officers more.

I watched the whole video but there wasn't any scene like your thumbnail :/
well you did the right thing to call the cops.

Freedom is the right of everyone, just as the freedom to say. But this freedom is not such that it is not because of the problem of others, nor the weakness of others.
What happened with you is very bad, which could happen to anyone else.I think what you did was probably right for that time, because you wanted to fix the issue, which was important.
if I ware you,I.think I would do the same..see you tomorrow...

You taught him a good lesson! That's the way to do it.

well everyone should be concerned about using their power and doing the right use of it, in that case the cop. but you did a good job as a responsible citizen.

Wow... Good thing you called the cops.

Not everyone would care to do so if they were in the position to..

Thumbs up @broncnutz

400 holes!! :0
Good cops are like good agent Smith's.. Who could blame you @broncnutz

We would be upset too, but probably would have had a kind word with him. Yes, it's not your property, but it's not his and his grandson either. Hopefully, that park will become what you wish it to be.

Hey, why don't you take the initiative with the power of Steem to make that park what you and your fellow Colorado Spring neighbors want - a park for all to enjoy - have that rose garden and full-time farmer's market. Depends on how much you really care about it as it's quite a big project and would require a lot of Steem! But it's not impossible. Just don't know if you have time for this big project.

I think you would have done a better job persuading that older gentlemen and his grand-kid to not dig holes on your own without getting a hired gun involved. However I appreciate your good intentions.

The truth is, I think it was good what you did, because people are, unpredictable and we do not know how to react, to our intervention or suggestion. Therefore it is better to leave, certain things in the hands of trained people. As long as you comply, with the duty to inform.

I think it's great you take pride in your neighborhood and take action in both protecting and building a healthy, beautiful community! Totally get where you're coming from.

I'm all for searching for metals with a detector but nothing gives you the right to dig up public property anywhere. Imagine if that guy did that in your front yard. He would get shot. Shure as shit if he was digging holes in front of the town hall someone would be saying something to him. You did the right thing. He needs to be educated about getting permission for things like that. Leave the digging to the beach searches.

Great job , you are a good man . Keep good work .

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @broncnutz

Cops does not know nothing courtesy @broncnutz.

Amazing video sir thank you so much for sharing.

Wow thats amazing detective work.

me as sorprendido amigo @broncnutz muy bueno saludos desde venezuela me doy cuenta que eres una gran persona :)

Amazing video sir great concept you are looking so cute in this video sir.

is it Hp ProBook?

You did the right thing and every responsible citizen should do that.

Hello friend this is amazing video from you.

Need to info police

We have to be good citizens. Good job buddy.

How is there a park in the city without the required amount of restrooms?

This is awesome sir we love to see lot more of these sir.

Hahaha this video is awesome sir you are so cool.

Cops be like what the hell going on lol

In india cops means the gang which looting and beating the peoples

A quien le gusta una RAAAATT? A NADIE.

Video stopped at 1:17 and it is not playing, do upload a video on you tube as well.

Personas Como tu @broncnutz Son las Que Necesitamos Hermano, Te admiro Men, Saludo!

Haha! Too funny! Just ruined that ole' grandpa's day with his grandson!?! Just kidding... in life I've found most people don't respect shit unless it's theirs......sad. Rarely do I run across the opposite. As for law enforcement officers. who needs them... they're there to collect taxes for the puppet masters. Peace officers on the other hand are there to serve and protect. There's a difference. Ask em' next time when confronted which side they're on.