Record Snow Dumps On Pacific Northwest More Coming - Solar Cycle Wave Frequency = Jet Stream Changes

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Winter storm dumps record snow on Seattle, Pacific Northwest with more to come
Snow storm wallops Pacific Northwest, people rescued in Sierra Nevada
Who wants more? Rounds 3 & 4 of snow prompt new Winter Storm Watch for Seattle area
Extreme Cold In KELOLAND Caused An Interesting Phenomenon In Rapid City
Novaya Zemlya Effect
Significant Winter Storm For the Northwest; Intensifying Storm Near Hawaii; Hazardous Weather Returns To Central/Eastern US
Most of Alberta won’t break free from Mother Nature’s icy grip this weekend
Alberta: Feeling cold as -50 with wind chill, extreme cold
Another byproduct of this extreme cold: ghost apples
Why extreme cold is good for Alberta forests
Saskatoon water main breaks add to extreme cold misery
Erupting Indonesian volcano spews ash, lava
Hundreds flee after Indonesia volcano erupts
Hot lava from Indonesia's Mount Karangetang cuts roads, endangers 500 villagers
Worldwide Volcano News and Updates:
Metal From Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Kills Cancer Cells When Blasted With Light
Solar activity heads for lowest low in four centuries
Essay: Solar cycle wave frequency linked to jet stream changes
Zonal vs Meridional
A History of Solar Activity over Millennia
Scientists Are Investigating Building a Space Station Inside a Giant Asteroid

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