PolkaParty Is the Most Fun On-Ramp of Defi & Dao's

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Polkadot is one of the most popular chain technologies nowadays. This is a chain developed by the co-founder of Ethereum, whose goal is to create an internet of interoperable blockchains for a decentralized web. Polkadot consists of a multi-chain network, which operates and synergizes together to create a decentralized ecosystem that is reliable and better than networks like Bitcoin, which operate on its own.

Currently, the polka dot chain technology has been adopted by quite a number of crypto platforms around the world. Seeing the development of Polkadot, PolkaParty took the initiative to present a platform that allows users to gain access to all features of DeFi by just joining a single party. PolkaParty will be expanding the Polkadot ecosystem, with a user-friendly social network that will provide various features that will empower users in it. Users can join parties, get rewards and have fun here.

Party with PolkaParty

If you are a crypto user then you know more or less how the DeFi platform works. Usually, users will struggle alone on the DeFi platform, they are frustrated, face FOMO, and other problems alone and have no friends to accompany them. This issue caught the attention of PolkaParty, to provides a platform that allows users to join parties with friends, colleagues, or even their next-door neighbors. PolkaParty is a DeFi platform built specifically for crypto users who want to find out more about DeFi terms. Here users can access all features of DeFi such as swapping, liquidity providing, yield farming, NFT's, etc, by just joining a single party. Everyone can create their own party or join another party with their friends.

Since this is a "party", everyone is allowed to chat with other users. PolkaParty makes it easy for users to research, chat, and vote with their fellow partners. With a solution like this, users no longer need to stress or frustrate themselves in dealing with DeFi-Anxiety or FOMO.

PolkaParty Features

PolkaParty is a platform that provides various DeFi features which will help users to gain access to modern and inclusive financial services. Here users can create parties or join other people's parties and have fun with them. But that's not all, there are several other features of PolkaParty:

  • Decentralized Autonomous Organizations: Running in a decentralized ecosystem, PolkaParty allows all participants to participate in the governance platform by voting.
  • User-friendly: The team developed PolkaParty with a modern, clean, and user-friendly interface, where users can navigate easily without any hassle.
  • Play: Users can earn POLP prizes by participating in Yield Farming DAO's, Social Board Objectives, Gift Bags, and other services.
  • Win: Users can earn rewards on their way to become the #1 party. The leaderboard system, it encourages users to be able to compete in a healthy environment.


PolkaParty launched a governance token under the name POLP which will become the main token of PolkaParty. Because POLP is a governance token, POLP holders have the right to participate in new products to asset rebalancing, strategies, and integrations by voting. Here everyone has the right to become a board member. POLP can also not only be used as a governance token but can also be used for staking to earn passive income. By staking, users will get a daily bonus called Gift Bags. The reward that users get is 50% of the PolkaParty platform distribution fees. The more tokens staked by users, the greater the reward they will get.


Most crypto users are stressed and frustrated by themselves in dealing with DeFi-Anxiety or FOMO, or other problems on the DeFi platform. It's good if crypto users can join the DeFi platform with their friends. And PolkaParty is here as a platform that will provide all the features of DeFi such as swapping, liquidity providing, etc. The solution offered by PolkaParty is a platform that allows users to join parties with their friends and get rewards for their activities. Users can research, chat, and vote with their fellow partners easily. This way, they no longer have to deal with problems like DeFi-Anxiety or FOMO on their own since they can join the party they want.



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