My 3rd Day in Torun, Poland

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On Sunday morning my student Marek and I had a breakfast and went for a walk in the old town of Torun. We saw many beautiful churches, marketplace, pierniki shop and many other things. In the afternoon we took a train to Warsaw and in the evening an overnight bus to Vilnius.

It was a nice trip, especially because Marek speaks Polish and he was a good guide for me. He got to watch me play the organ and I had a peace of mind. A win-win situation.

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I’m so glad you had a nice trip, wonderful pictures Vidas I especially love the last one of the glass roof looking up at that towering building, great shot. I find the architecture fascinating, you and your wife have traveled to so many wonderful and interesting places, I’m blessed that you have❣️

This picture was taken at the central train station in Warsaw, Poland just before we went to the bus which drove us to Vilnius overnight.

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Torun looks nice but id really like to visit Warsaw. The architecture there looks amazing. Ill try and see if i can get a concert there somehow. :)

I was in Torun on 2015. Very nice town...

Hi, Toruń is small but very beautifull. I recommend Marina Abramovic exhibition!

Thank you for interesting photos, Vidas @organduo !
Your journey has been wonderful!
I like Poland! Especially liked Krakow!

But in Turin has not yet been, but thanks to your photos have already seen something :-)

Great view @organduo and the Torun is a very beautiful city, especially liked the church!

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