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in pol •  9 months ago

A total fraud and complete ninny, he faked being a tough guy in a phony boxing setup so we wouldn't know about his ability to; cry on demand, tell a bold-faced lie or stand up for foreign invaders.
Who does this creep's allegiances lie with? Not yours or mine, these people right here.

They are so warm and cuddly! Just don't disagree or you're dead...

Notice the wording in reference to Turdy, he is "owned" by the gov. gen. as well as the monarchy.

So what are we expecting in terms of real change when the entire establishment has been created by these people for these people? It's an open secret canada has a defacto government operating on a emergency level and has been bankrupt since 1931.

We will never be free of this until we can comprehend it at the very least, please do some research or follow my blog here where I will be posting the original documents regarding our current situation.

Know this- ALL people wanting to get into politics in canada or australia (probably not the only countries), MUST FIRST SWEAR OATH TO THE QUEEN AND HER HEIRS. You don't sign & swear? You get nothing bitch.

We get our politicians from the monarchist league of canada, from steve harper to stephanie dion(lol) to the turdtoe legacy, they are all Monarchistic Jesuits performing their duties to the so called royal family.

Speak up this is a grand conspiracy that involves all countries.


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