[Closed]Voting Game!!!!! Five Poker!!!!!-20180216-Round 8

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Just vote, Play game and receive SBD.

Join Rule

- If you are interested in participating, vote this posting.
- This post will be posted 8 times a day.
- You can participate in all games that are not closed.
- It can be seen through the title. The closed game has the title "[Close]".
- The validity of the posting game is valid for 24 hours, and after that, you can not participate this game round.
- Game results will be updated after 24 hours.
- Less than $0.01 voting may not be able to participate.

Winner Reward

1st Place

- Send 70% of the reward SBD of this article after payout.

2nd Place

- Send 20% of the reward SBD of this article after payout.

3rd Place

- Send 5% of the reward SBD of this article after payout.

And so on..

- We will consider additional rewards for main decks such as Straight Flush, Four of a kind, and Full House in the future.
- (The remaining 5% is used for development and maintenance.)
- If there are less than 3 participants, the compensation will only be paid for the number of participants.

Game Rule

- Participants can not intervene in the game (automatic progression).
- 5 cards in total.
- Three community cards are given at the same time as posting.
- Game participants will receive two random cards at the result posting, and will compete for a total of five cards, including three community cards.

- There will be additional opportunities depending on the amount of voting.

- $0.01 ~ $0.249 >>> 1 time
- $0.25 ~ $0.499 >>> 2 times
- $0.50 ~ $0.749 >>> 3 times
- $0.75 ~ $0.999 >>> 4 times
- over $1.00 >>> 5times(Max)
- The poker winner follows the usual poker rules.

Rewards and game rules may change depending on the situation.

Community Card



Game Result..!!

1vega321imageimage three of a kind
2supernovastaffyimageimage three of a kind
3chimtivers96imageimage three of a kind
4dimon14imageimage two pairs
5cryptocornyimageimage two pairs
6neuromancerimageimage two pairs
7lucidlightimageimage two pairs
8cryptocoinkbimageimage two pairs
9spencercoffmanimageimage two pairs
10tymbaimageimage one pair
11christianytonyimageimage one pair
12penderisimageimage one pair
13jens84imageimage one pair
14jens84imageimage one pair
15jens84imageimage one pair
16oneshotimageimage one pair
17happyhousewifeimageimage one pair
18pravusdieimageimage one pair
19kosklimageimage one pair
20mrfreedomninjaimageimage one pair
21onyximageimage one pair
22focusfitimageimage one pair
23romanaroundimageimage one pair
24jens84imageimage one pair
25pompe72imageimage one pair
26mcoinz79imageimage one pair
27okean123imageimage one pair
28senstlessimageimage one pair
29alankavanaghimageimage one pair
30almerriimageimage one pair
31ghaaspurimageimage one pair
32jens84imageimage one pair
33jackie2017imageimage one pair
34blackhypnotikimageimage one pair
35vega321imageimage one pair
36philpotgimageimage one pair
37kollidearmeeimageimage one pair
38pravusdieimageimage one pair
39robin5581imageimage one pair
40eztechwinimageimage one pair
-jdcUnder $0.01
-kiobotUnder $0.01
-lhynUnder $0.01
-borcastUnder $0.01
-jonnysumoUnder $0.01
-golemmaggUnder $0.01
-cruzzUnder $0.01
-cj31bbeUnder $0.01
-matiasfumagalliUnder $0.01
-tecnospaceveUnder $0.01
-jonnahmatias1016Under $0.01
-jingyuhanUnder $0.01
-techlifeUnder $0.01
-aleexUnder $0.01
-anikys3reasureUnder $0.01
-abraluckonUnder $0.01
-alex.changerUnder $0.01
-edmorhUnder $0.01
-shivaredUnder $0.01
-cireUnder $0.01
-kashiawanUnder $0.01
-dacheekoUnder $0.01
-breathe189Under $0.01
-scandinaviaguideUnder $0.01
-haddenUnder $0.01
-farouqadamUnder $0.01
-theviewfinderUnder $0.01


Alright, seems like a neat concept. You've got my vote. Let's see what happens.

Please how do i play the game?

Just vote this posting and wait for 24hours.
That’s all.
Please enjoy..!!

Trying this... How will I receive the 2 cards in result posting?

All upvoters will receive their two random cards after 24h from the post publishing time and the bracked word [Close] appears on title at the begin.

Thank you for your answer.

nice game poker 🃏 @pokersteem

Interesting game. would like to participate. upvoted...Thanks.

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