What is Texas Hold 'Em Rules and How to Play? Part 1

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Texas Hold'em is a game that is easy to understand.

Each player is dealt 2 cards off. These are called hole cards, which are yours. After that, 5 open papers are opened to the table; the first 3 is opened then the other and finally the 5th card.

These are the community cards, so the papers that everyone on the desk will use. We try to make them the best hand by using or not using their own hole cards. With these four betting rounds and the opening of cards, you can increase or discard your hands by using your chips.

What is Pre Flop?

The first betting circle is called pre-flop ie pre-flop. After this two rounds of paper are dealt, they start.

Two players must deposit money or chips before the cards are dealt. These are called blind bets, because these players will bet the bets without seeing their papers. One small bet and the other is called big bet. The Big Bet is usually twice the small bet.

These bets are not posted by any player, they are always deducted from the dealer who is the dealer. The dispenser button wraps around the clockwise table. With a special chip you can see who the dealer is on the table. This is called a çipe button.

Everyone gets 2 cards and the first betting round starts. Do you have papers to hold money or chips in your hand? Or are you going to throw away your papers? How do you increase it? We will explain them now.

Fold - Dispose of papers

If you do not want to continue with your hand, you can throw away two cards in your hand and pass this tour.

Betting up

If nobody has increased it, you can do it. For example: "I increased 5 chips" and put 5 chips into the pot, the player who wants to continue has to see it until you increase it. If they do not like it, they can fold it.

All of your cheeks are called all in, so rest. When you take a rest, you can no longer fold and fold. When you take all of you will have to wait until the 5th row and see the end.


If one of them increases, it is called raise. If your opponent increases 5 chips, you know that 10 chips rise. By doing this, you make the bet more expensive. If your opponents do not want to pay extra they can fold.


If one of you has increased the bet before, you can see his bet. Thus, if the price increases, we will see the price. So your opponent has increased 10 chips and you can see it by putting 10.


If nobody has made a bet, you can withdraw it if it has not. This allows the player to pass through the queue without making any bets. Actually it means. Wait and see what happens.


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