Introduction to Texas Hold'em strategies

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No Limit poker is the most risky game we've said before, but there are ways to turn the risk into a winner if we get to grips with this game.

There are 2 Basic Strategies.
Short Stack Strategy

This is the easiest learning strategy, but in poker it is always the hardest way to defeat the game. Especially when you start playing good players in the upper limits.

But it is an ideal strategy for those who are new to the no limit on the ground. It is easy to learn and is an ideal strategy for growing your chin. And especially when playing multiple table games, 4-5 tables are the most easily used strategy shortstack strategy. It is an ideal and beautiful strategy for clearing the bonuses.

How does this strategy work?
  • There should be a minimum of 7 people so that we can make a profit. We understand from here that we will play in Fullring (9-10) people's tables. Absolutely seven people must be at the table.

  • You must stay at the table immediately when there are few people left.

  • If you are the one who applies this strategy like you two, you should definitely get out of the game.

  • Case management is very important. For example (0.05 - 0.10 cents) NL10 should have a total of $ 50 in our tables. We have to enter the game for $ 2. When we drop 1.5 dolars, we complete 2 dolars.

When we have $ 2.5 or more of our money, we go out on the table. At this limit, we raise the limit when our cash is 120 dollars. So we're going to the 0.10-.20 fairy tale, NL20.

  • We always expect to be the Great Körbahis without starting the game. Do not be involved in the game when you are never sitting. You lose a lot of money in the long run.

For now, this preliminary information is sufficient to explain in detail how to play which hand in the coming days, we will go into more details of the article writer.

Big Stack Strategy

No limit Hold Em; it is such a form of poker that you must test your knowledge, your technical skills and instinctively make the right move at the right time. This strategy applies to full ring (8-10) people.

If you play this game by the rules, you will make very good money.

But online poker is so profitable that a lot of important intelligent people have chosen this way to earn their lives. This requires you to be a good manager as well as being a good player. You will be your own boss and your financial president. The most important way to do this is in case management.

Cash Management: According to the Big Chip Strategy, the money is set to the maximum limit of the table. This maximum limit is called buy-in. There must be a minimum of 25 buyers for a limit play. So let's say we just started.

For example; NL4. (0.02-0.04 cents) Big blinds 0.04 cents. . We enter the game with a maximum of $ 4, ie 100 big bets. And our pot here must be 25x4 = 100 dollars. If you have less, you start with NL2 (0.02-0.04 cents). When we move to the limit of 125 dollars (0.02-0.05).

Big Stack is a bottomless shack about adding small little words every day on this topic.


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