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Weed is old as fuck

The earliest recorded uses date from the 3rd millennium BC - (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannabis_(drug)) I don't even think I know how far back that is, but i'm guessing our Neanderthal friends were toking that good good.

Pot Committed

I could not find any particular information of weed being smoked in the 'old west', but it has been prohibited in some form or fashion since the early 21st century (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannabis_(drug)) But, if these motherfuckers have been making weed illegal since 1901, then you know damn well the some cowboys were smoking up a storm while paying poker in dem saloons.

Man, how fucking cool was the American frontier? Nothing but booze, hookers, smoking, hookers, poker, hookers, horses, hookers, guns, and hookers...now that's life.

Poker On Weed

It would be safe to assume that most people would shy away from smoking weed prior to playing poker. I guess I can understand where they are coming from, but shit, you don't see too many people think twice about having a drink at the poker table. But that's a conversation for another time - it's best I don't get started...

For me personally I have found weed to benefit my poker play. My biggest problem in poker is impatience; which is kinda funny, because I am in actuality a very patient person...just not so much at the poker table. It isn't that I am getting bored, and want to stop playing, I actually enjoy poker quite a bit. My issue lies with wanting to double up too quickly. Go for that home run and stack your chips hardcore. The fault with that is I don't always get great cards, so I loosen my game to the point where I am making foolish decisions with weak hands - essentially making it an even worse decision. Smoking weed alleviates that by helping me relax at the table, and just be okay with folding. Imagine how far you would get in poker tournaments if you were "okay with folding"?!

Not just any weed, now

Playing poker on weed is something I certainly recommend, but that does not mean you can just fire up any kind of doob, and be ready to take down the big stacks. Making sure you are choosing the appropriate bud is crucial to the process. Right off the bat you can eliminate any hardcore sativa, or any hardcore indica.

While sativas absolutely allow for creative thinking, happier vibes and an overall more energetic approach, I feel it is too much for poker. Poker is not something you can take part in by using your muscle memory, or pure natural skill. Poker requires an analytical approach; the ability to think fast, and make necessary adjustments. In arts such as painting, or playing the guitar, you can simply pick up your tool and begin to do what you do best. In poker, the game is changing every minute, and a highly energetic sativa does not seem like the ideal choice.

Durban is in my top 5 of favorite strains, but not good for the poker table.

On the flip side, you certainly DO NOT want to use a hardcore indica. A heavy hitting indica will put the lights out on your poker game real quick. An indica is meant to induce hunger, relieve pain, and reduce insomnia -- 2 of those 3 are bad news for a poker table. Getting massive munchies while waiting for AA, is not going to make things any easier. And if you're having trouble staying awake at the table, you may as well divvy up your chips among the other players, and call it a night. Just say no to the indica at the tables.

One of the tastiest indicas/buds you will ever smoke. Also the one bud that will knock you out cold. The name comes from -
you feel like you've been hit by a 9lb hammer. Sleep for hours, bitches.

So what should you be smokin on

A hybrid. A hybrid? Yes, a hybrid. The beautiful, amazing creation of the hybrid. Not left, not right. Not up, not down. Not surf, not turf. Find yourself a nice hybrid to medicate with and your time at the poker tables will never be the same. You will have no problem waiting for the best hands, folding one after another, and it will leave you perfectly content. And if you happen to actually catch some nice cards, and play a few hands...you will be in the proper state of mind to execute your moves in a well thought out manner.

Wait, before you go bigp, what kind of hybrid? Man, you fancy huh?! You want me to tell you what kind of hybrid? Yes, please. Okay, fine, shit, jeez...Find yourself a nice, smooth sativa dominant hybrid. Something preferably in the 60/40 to 70/30 range (sat to ind ratio). In my professional, stoner opinion, I would recommend either Strawberry Banana or Skywalker OG.

Tasty, tasty, poker, bestie

Are there actual pros who smoke

Poker professionals Cate Hall, and Max Droege are avid users of cannabis. They both have publicly admitted it. Others are not so forthcoming. However, there are plenty of rumors that weed is BIG in the pro poker community. I would not be surprised in the least bit, if players such as Phil Helmuth, Phil Laak, Phil Ivey (holy fuck, so many Phils) Jennifer Tilly, and Daniel Negreanu smoke up a fat ass doobie time to time.

Don't sue me, bro. I'm just fuckin around here.

Well there you have it kids, thank you for taking the time to read SPL's piece. Please join us for our next 'away from the table' segment.


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lol - I have never asked myself when was stoned if it was a good idea while pokering. I think I was more thinking that times it is great to be not drunken while poker :)

eerrrybody smokes. :)

Very cool post I had a lot fun to read it! Maybe because of the good weed the Neanderthals had they where so pain resistant lol okay have great day and enjoint


Btw I have made a nice post 10 days ago called ( The Cannabis use throughout History ) check it out if you like

I don't know if there is any benefits, but probably folks are more relaxed.

I enjoy weed at live tables but it's a disaster playing online. The same for booze.

nice write up//whats the indica dominant strain called? and i find it helps me read people you can pick up on things you normally wouldnt.. But math wise and working out pot odds and such i struggle lol.. i think its a double edged sord when it comes to poker play lol..we are talking texas hold em right?

Phil Laak looks like he smokes a whole lot of weed...but something tells me he doesn't. I do hope so though.

"Man, how fucking cool was the American frontier? Nothing but booze, hookers, smoking, hookers, poker, hookers, horses, hookers, guns, and hookers...now that's life."
....I couldnt agree more! But I'd like more hookers in the mix. Two at a time preferably..."double-fisting" a pair of broads so to speak. Pun intended.
And don't forget about whips...and saddles...and ass-less chaps

For me personally I have found weed to benefit my poker play. @naz722

I also like to play under marijuana) Peace for all!

fyi, many top 'pros' are stoners

This is a great grandfather *** Please follow us please and thank you ***