50 SBD Freeroll Poker Tournament 7/19 - COMPLETED - RESULTS ARE IN - Steem Poker League

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The Results Are In!

We had 47 players this week and a tournament run time of about 2 hours 15 mins. We are glad to say the tournament was a success and included a display of - "all in" power - like no other by the winner... CONGRATULATIONS @zizelevak for taking down the final table in reckless fashion. Rounding out the top three was, 2nd place: @livenowandwow and @3rd place: @bloomberg215

Final Table Results



I see @zizelevak read Bigp's post on increasing his lucksack juice powers...how else you explain this 3 outer for the win? I expect my 10% cut, Zize, LOL! J/K. Nice win, buddy.

Stay tuned for a more in depth look into our 6th tournament breakdown - Oh and the banter is backkkkkk! Someone called someone a "schmuck" Find out who, next time...

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Updated Tournament Schedule*

6/218PM / 1AM200 SBD Guaranteed - Completed
6/256PM / 11PM200 SBD Guaranteed - Completed
7/14PM / 9PM200 SBD Guaranteed - Completed
7/72PM / 7PM200 SBD Guaranteed - Completed
7/1312PM / 5PM100 SBD Guaranteed - Completed
7/1910AM / 3PM50 SBD Guaranteed - Completed
7/258AM / 1PMTBD
7/316AM / 11AMTBD
8/64AM / 9AMTBD
8/122AM / 7AMTBD

*Times/Dates are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.

Game Details

  • Free to play!
  • 3,000 Starting Chips.
  • 6 Max tables unless we have more than 60 players then we will switch to 9 per table.
  • Standard blinds 15/30 - 30/60 and so on.
  • Break every hour.
  • Contact Tuck Fheman or BigP on League Site or Chat with issues.

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I am winer :))))))

Congrats to winner. I was 3th. Not bad. It is great that we have poker on Steemit.

I keep missing these! I can't wait to get more involved!

Got 25th on my first attempt maybe next time I'll try while not at work :)

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Freakin schmucks assuming things :)

the donk is strong in @zizelvak

Finally I managed to participate @tuck-fhman! I have always missed the previous round due to time constraint!
Though I did not win the tourney, but it was great to play and win a couple of hands! Looking forward to play again!

haha ,i loved this game ,shame that i fucked up with AA ,but ,it is what it s :D see you soon :)

Ahoj, existuje někde nějaký post o tom, jak se v těch turnajích a celé té aplikaci orientovat? Všude píší, že to je zadarmo (sng), ale když se chci někam přihlásit, píše to, že nemám chipy. A navíc tam nikdo nehraje. Asi bych čekala dlouho, než by se našli další hráči.