Steemit Poker League - Now Has It's Own Account @spl

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Free to join. Free to play. Come sign up and win some SBD!

New Account

Announcing the Steemit Poker League's new account @spl.

All future post concerning The League will be made from this account. Please follow @spl if you are interested in the Steemit Poker League. No further post will come from the @tuck-fheman account on The League, other than reblogs to make sure interested parties migrate over to following @spl.

Next League Game

Some people are asking where the 7/1 game is, why they can't sign up. Due to the number of AFK players in the previous two League Tournaments we've decided to only allow entry into the tournament 4 hours before it starts, which is 12PM CDT on 7/1.

This should cut down considerably on the number of AFK players which continue handing their chip stacks to a few lucky players giving them a huge advantage over everyone else that's having to fight other players for chips. In both tournaments so far, one of the professionals has been handed at least 3 chip stacks to start the tourney due to AFK players that signed up early then never showed up to play.

AFK'rs Beware

We are keeping a list of the players who repeatedly don't show up for tournaments and will be removing them upon the 3rd instance. Hopefully this will eventually reduce the number of AFK players to a minimum if not remedy the situation completely.

Slowly we are building a good core group of players who are always ready to play a game at a moments notice and even more that can play at least once a day. Over time this should build up to where we are able to consistently a full ring at minimum ready to play at any time and hopefully several tables.

Pro League

The Pro League now has 40 members, which leaves only 10 spots left. We will be removing a few players who have signed up and have not played to date once they miss 3 games, which will allow some new players to step in and show us what they have.

Bluff Ave

Many players still have issues running PokerStars in their country so we have no plans on doing away with the Bluff Ave website, even if the Pro League becomes more popular. The Bluff Ave league will remain for anyone to play in at any time during the day with ongoing SNG Freerolls as long as we can support them and we will continue weekly League tourney's there as well.

However, in the future I anticipate that more people will enjoy playing on PokerStars and I will likely begin moving up the prize pool there and reducing the prize pool on the Bluff Ave games, unless we end up with more than enough posts rewards to go around. But, if things stand as they are, I expect to have to reduce tourney payouts over at bluff to accommodate a more vibrant PokerStars league (or two in the future).

Going Forward

We will need all members help!

Planning, making posts, creating graphics, making deals for graphics, stirring up interest, managing the games, the payouts, helping people in chat, discussing ideas ... all takes a lot of time and leaves very little time for @bigpchef and I to focus on playing poker ... and we LOVE playing poker!

So any help you can provide in the way of ...

  • answering questions in chat
  • answering comments on posts
  • policing your table during games reporting AFK players & shenanigans.
  • promoting The League to others
  • and anything else you can think of

... would be greatly appreciated and upvoted!

BigP and I would like to say

Thanks to everyone that's joined up and played and especially thanks to those of you that have helped us build this league up from day 1 by playing and doing all of the things listed above without being asked!

@eirik, @kryptik, @chiefmappster, @guyfawkes4-20, @steeminator3000, @writingamigo, @ronahi and everyone else, thank you!

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I will make a post about this league and how awesome it is to show how Steemit can work when the power is used for right things instead of abusing it. Hopefully, I'll be able to shoot two birds with one stone. You guys are doing a very big thing here and whenever you need some help, I'm always here!


Thanks I really don't understand the league

I see a bright future for SPL! Re-steemed!

Glad to help, it is amazing what we all can do together!

Thank you for the acknowledgment I really appreciate that. I am here to do my part to make sure this Steemit Poker community is epic. I'll keep doing what I am doing, if there is anything else you would like me to do just let me know.

Thanks again for being leaders

Sounds good to me, following @spl.

Confirming that BigP and I are running this @spl account and it is the new official Steemit Poker League account.

I'm sitting in bluffave as we speak. Is this the correct link? nobody is there. I mean poker is incredibly popular surely someone wants a game? if you do I'm waiting :)

Looking forward to more games! I wanted to try out the pro league, but I was afraid I may be taking up a spot someone else could use. I'm not sure I could guarantee making every game.


No one can make every game, as long as you plan to be active and participate, you should join the league! After all, if you don't like it or cannot make it, you can always leave and open up that space.


Maybe I will hop in there. I'm so busy trying to produce some original content and comments that I didn't want to be "that guy" who signed up and then didn't remember to show. Thanks!


You going to that poker game today...Isn't it 7 pm eastern standard time?


I think it starts in one minute, actually. Probably not enough notice to register. Could be wrong there.


I already registered a few days ago. I've been hanging out in the room for about half an hour now.


Plus I don't see anyone games started. Room is completely empty. I believe they said 4pm thats like 7pm EST.

the spl is one of the most awesome things i've discovered so far in my short time on steemit. until now i have not managed to take part in any of the league games, but i will most definitely in the future! keep it up! :)

ok I followed @spl and I can't wait till I can play poker with you guys, I just signed up yesterday. I am glad someone on steemit is doing this. I love this idea

oh btw is there a schedule for the pro league on stars to be found anywhere?


I will put one together soon and make a post.

Great moderation on the tournaments, I'll be excited to play

Thanks to you this poker league is a blast!

Thanks for the mention. SPL is awesome :D

What a way to gamble away a creative talent

Can anyone explain the league to me please

Some one please help me!!
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