Play poker in bitcoin, a simple way to earn cash ( even without investing )

in poker •  last year

Here is an amazing website where you can play poker in bitcoin without downloading anything :

You can play on your phone, on your computer, it is very good for people passionate about poker like me.
You can play with a verry small amount of money in cash game ( there is differents types of tables with blinds more or less big :
Values are in mBtc. 1mBtc = 0.001 BTC ( it's the same currency )

There are also tournements and FREE TOURNEMENTS every hour and 3 big ones every week where you can earn from 5 to 20 millions satoshis, YES IT IS ABOUT 500 DOLARS so don't miss your chance.

The graphics are very pleasant, I realy enjoy to play in it.

Good luck, Have fun

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