Life is a grind sometimes — Steemit

Life is a grind sometimes

in poker •  15 days ago

Sometimes life is a grind. I have not made it to a casino in a while, staying quite busy with the crypto markets.


But here as well it is a slow grind for me today.

I was a little shocked to read today about steemit laying off moat of their people.

I was surprised as Ned had just recently posted job openenings.

I think it may be up to the witnesses to come up with a new way to pay for meaningfull development and bring this network forward.

The good news is that many of our witnesses and folks building apps on steem are capable and willing to do so!

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70% of the developer are away.... so we can imagine as much slower the next step are developing going on. Like freezing the milestones..... are the developers around the world or in the US? that is was I like to know....

I conducted a poll and based on the small sample size most people seem to prefer allowing Steemit Inc to take beneficiaries or show ads. I made my own proposal which would allow Steemit to capture all those Bid bot revenue. But I have no idea about the difficulty of implementation:

I think the popular DAPPs will survive. What I'm sad about is SMT development being delayed. Bull market will easily fix the issue. But that might take some time.

I wish I could make Dapps using steemit but I literally have no idea. Dapps will have a good time in future. Every revolution in this world has been opposed in the start, let dApp face it as day or the other they have to be successful. I read somewhere that you created steem-bounty. I am a bounty Hunter actually so just asking Is it true??

It's not a bad idea to decentralize more of the development. Rather than depending on Steemit Inc to provide the lead there, when the witnesses start being the main instigators of change, then they'll also be able to directly benefit from the increases in price that their changes bring.