International Women's Day Poker Tournament - WIN 100 SBD!

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Ourselves and @ats-david (@ats-witness) will be sponsoring a giant @spl poker tournament on March 8, 2018 in honor of International Women's Day. It will be hosted by the one and only @bethalea.

International Women's Day isn't just the day you see a new Google graphic, it's a day celebrating the achievements of women throughout history and here on the STEEM blockchain.

Tournament - 100 SBD Freeroll!

Holy shit that's a lot of money!

Thursday, March 8th at 6pm ET

More information in @ats-david's post, including registration specs.

Anyone is welcome to play in the tournament irrespective of gender.

Women's Pre-Tourney Games - 5 SBD Freeroll

Tuesday, February 13th at 8pm ET
Thursday, February 15th at 4pm ET

Tuesday, February 20th at 8pm ET
Thursday, February 22nd at 4pm ET

Tuesday, February 27th at 8pm ET
Thursday, March 1st at 4pm ET

Tuesday, March 6th at 8pm ET

Sign up at


While the tournament is mainly geared towards women, everyone is welcome to partake.

There will be bounties on the head of every male player in the Women’s Day tournament! If you’re not familiar with bounties, it means that any time a woman knocks out a man in this tournament, the woman who knocked that man out will receive an additional prize! For Women’s Day, that bounty will be 1 SBD per knockout! If there are 50 men in the tournament, that’s a potential 50 extra SBD in prizes! -click for more information-

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This is so exciting, @guiltyparties! thank you and @ats-witness for Sponsoring this important initiative! Plus it's going to be SO MUCH FUN!!


Yeah very exciting, thanks you you @bethalea


You are gonna make a great host!
get your poker faces ready.....oh wait we are behind screens ;)

This is Fun....wait, are we allowed to have fun on here? ;)
@battleaxe votes @guiltyparties and @ats-witness because they are awesome. This is such a creative idea!
******** Thanks to @bethalea for hosting this! You ROCK!

Um this looks absolutely amazing!!! 😍 I think just maybe I will - and shoutout to al the ladies playing poker 💝😘 thank you!


Definitely give it a shot. My wife is even going to do it, and she knows nothing at all about poker. But she's willing to try!

Hope to see you there!

This is gonna be very interesting, thanks to every of the hosts. Thanks to @guiltyparties, @bethalea. I hope I win


aghhhhhhhhhhh i joined the server today after meeting you in PYPT.... but now i see the tournament is when we will be cruising international waters!!! LOL

when's the next one??? I don't know how to play poker at all either... hahaha are there only poker tournaments??? or other games :)

if only poker - then i guess i better get studying! LOL


They're on all the time, not as big as this one but on continuously every few days. Come out and play whenever you're back.


sounds good.... i love games hehehe i'll check it out on Monday (have guest coming to stay all weekend) but looking forward to playing and chatting with people ;)

thanks again for the support today! :) oh... and i voted for you as witness!!! hehehe i always hold my votes until a witness actually goes out of their way to make an impression on me....
and impression made! :)

Spreading the word right away


amazing, thank you @creating-wealth!!!

Heads are going to roll.
rolling head.jpg


lol, good thing they are sort of round, lumpy round


Thanks, hope you join in


i want but i can't

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See you on Thursday.

I can't wait!

sounds brillant


Hope that means you'll make it