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Hi there, that was a quick post, but i need to show you i hand that was sou crazy today en SPL poker.

My first Royal Flush in all time that i have been playing poker, in my all life. And its the fisrt Royal flush that i ever see in a poker game, I want to share with you this picture, this picture was take for @michaelluchies that its the first player in the ranking of SPL.


I didnt win that game but it was so funny, i hope you enjoy the picture and let me crazy comments down below. See you next time

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It was so cool to watch! Congrats!


yeah man it was sou crazy, thanks for the picture @michaelluchies


Of course! I'm on the lookout for my Today in the SPL posts. It took me a second to realize it was a royal flush. I was like "Nice, generausd won the pot...oh shit! That's a royal flush!!"

nice hand. I got one a couple weeks ago, nice shit!



hey -loquedog, you will play today? thanks man... crazy hand


I have been busy and missed alot of yesterday and today but will play later :) how you holding up on the tables?


bad :(, i no have lucky this days, the level od the players in spl is to high

Congrats @generausd. I thought it was a chop pot at first, then I realized holy shit royal flush!


thanks jajaja that was for real man, i didnt bealible eather but here is the proof

How cool is that! plus you got a screenshot to remember it.
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Congrats! Haven't seen a royal for a long time and never before on @spl.
See you at the tables