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Hello everyone, today's interview is for @tuck-fheman, he is a hilarious poker player, and also the creator or STEEM POKER LEAGUE.

It was a quick interview , but i think the information is precisely. he puts a little bit of jokes on that interview, in the poker table he is an excellent player, he beats me a couples of time. He takes spl seriously, always give information and always solve the problems on time, remember that the spl its a room poker for the people and by the people. If you want to check this out go to @spl.

Here are the 10 question.

1 What is your name and age?

  • Tuck Fheman, age 17-85

2 when did you meet poker?

  • 2004 or 2005

3 Why do you like to play poker?

  • Aspergers

4 what do you prefer poker online or casino?

  • Online

5 what is your favorite cards to play?

  • ATC (Aces , Tens of Cups)

6 Do you consider yourself a passive or aggressive player or does it depend on your opponent?

  • Depends on a lot of things

7 why did you create spl?

  • I like creating things

8 Would you like spl to become as big as pokerstar?

  • NO

9 what are the next steps in spl?

  • KO tourneys are on the way. We will add some more stats as well. Since we're not making a profit off of the site we likely will not grow much larger than we are now. The server limitations will soon become an issue and we will then need an additional poker server and need to merge the databases between the two. This will be quite costly and an expense we do not have the funds for at this time.

10 And finally, what are your words for those who want to beat you at a poker table?

  • Good luck!

As you can see, it comes great news for spl, you can follow him through @tuck-fheman. If you like this interview or you want to say anything to @tuck-fheman, you can comment down below.

The next interview is for @bethalea, Who would you like to interview?, and What questions do you like to apply for this interviews?, let me know down below.

I hope you enjoy it, if you like play poker, go to @spl and , i will see you on the tables , bye bye.

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I want to see the interview with iabuse, Hoodish and ByzHash. I think these are the best players in SPL.

@lebekons the interview to hoodish was made it, thi is the link https://steemit.com/poker/@generausd/interview-with-the-poker-michaelluchies, and ill go talk to iabuse and Byzhash for the interview

oh, I didn't notice. Thanks.

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Very nice interview!