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Hello everyone, today's interview is for @sevendst19, he is the number 3 in the ranking of SPL, he is a old member in the community and he is very friendly. he is a difficult player, he beats me a several times on the poker table, wins a lot of tourneys.

He doesn't speak to much, but says everything in his game, make team with Hoodish, his team is Chip and a Chair.

This is an incredible interview, i made 14 question that you will enjoy it to read.

What is your name and age?

  • Jeff 36

When did you start playing poker?

  • 2005 after watching the WSOP on ESPN, I started playing online shortly after.

Why do you like to play poker?

  • Because of the challenge of beating the competition and knowing anything can happen on any given hand.

What is your mode of play and favorite cards?

  • I tend to play a tight/aggressive style and my favorite hand is aces because you always know you’re ahead preflop and if you do lose it’s because the other person got lucky on you

Do you like to play in casinos or online poker?

  • I prefer online, it’s much more convenient. I would play at casinos more but it’s over an hour drive to get there.

What skills should a good poker player have?

  • Tops is patience. Next the ability of reading your opponent(s). If you can figure out what they’re likely to be holding it can make your decisions much easier and make you a winning player.

Are you the number 3 of the spl individual ranking, in which you differentiate yourself from the other players?

  • I feel like I take well timed chances at hitting big hands. Sometimes my gambles pay off, other times they don’t, but if you aren’t risking anything you won’t win anything.

You have a tough competition for the top positions with the celsius and hoodish players, do you think you can superlos at the end of the year?

  • They are very good players and it will be very difficult for anyone to catch up to them. I feel like I play a lot on here and they’re pretty far ahead of me in the player of the year standings. Unless they took a big chunk of time off it will be difficult for myself or anyone else to catch up to them.

What changes would you like in spl?

  • I love the SPL, it’s a great community of very skilled players. I don’t know what I would change, I’ve invited friends I know to play on here but none of them have taken up the offer, so maybe having my friends join and be able to enjoy playing with them online again.

Would you like spl to have success like other poker rooms or do you prefer a room with few players and a united community like the current one?

  • When I first joined I wanted to see it grow to be a big community but now that I’ve gotten to know the players and developed friendships and rivalries I like the tightknit community that we have here so I think I’d like to see slow growth and for it to stay relatively small

Do you think that luck influences a professional player or do you think that the player tries to have luck on his side?

  • Overall I’d say luck has very little to do with being a winning player, analyzing a large number of hands you will find lucky outcomes for every player and it certainly helps to have a little luck on your side from time to time.

Do you feel comfortable playing modalities like stud or razz in poker?

  • I probably like stud the best of the alternate games because there’s an advantage to remembering what everybody has folded in analyzing your opponents hand and your number of outs. I enjoy razz also because from time to time players forget they’re going for a low hand and are betting when they shouldn’t be, which is always good for a laugh even if I’m not in the hand :)

What is the biggest prize you have won in a poker tournament?

  • The largest online prize I’ve won was a $175 for a 10th place finish in a 10k guaranteed tournament back in 2009. The largest live tournament prize was winning a $1000 visa gift card from a free poker league I played with back in 2011.

And finally, what do you say to the players who want to beat you at the poker tables?

  • Just because I check, doesn’t mean I don’t have a hand. :smiley:

He is an excellent player, he said "Tops is patience" so dont be hurry and wait for your winner hand.If you like this interview or you want to say anything to @sevendst19, you can comment down below.

I hope you enjoy it, if you like play poker, go to @spl and , i will see you on the tables , bye bye.

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Sevendst19 is one of the strong player of SPL. I also believe in Sevendst19's motto, "tops is patience". It is obvious that he is an experienced poker player and I admire him for that.

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