Pokerstars Barry Greenstein Challenge E1

in #poker4 years ago

Hey guys, I'm starting a new poker challenge. The goal is to play poker with Barry Greenstein on Pokerstars! You may ask, how am I gonna do that? It's simple. Barry plays at the super high stakes play money games from time to time. My goal is to get enough chips to be able to join the games that he participates in. My starting bankroll is 18.5 million chips. I'm gonna try uploading episodes for this series regularly.

This video contains the first episode. Hope you enjoy! If you've got any questions about why I made certain decisions during the session, feel free to post a comment below and ask.

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Good luck with your challenge. Entertaining music while watching how you played the hands. Would be interesting to hear some commentary why you made some of the decisions but I don't think you could do that and speed up the action. Best of luck on the tables.

Thanks a lot for the feedback! Yeah, it's tough to speed the clips up and commentate but if you wanna point out a spot you found interesting feel free to ask here.