Introducing the Bets & Bros 20 SBD Poker Freeroll

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The BRO Sports™ Contest Division is teaming up with the Steem Betting Community and the Steem Poker League to bring you a monthly freeroll on!

The Bets & Bros monthly poker freeroll will take place on the first Saturday every month and the game will be No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em. The 20 SBD tournament will begin at 1:00pm ET (New York time) and the first game is this Saturday, June 2nd. Registration begins two hours before the scheduled tournament time. These tournaments will be jointly sponsored and hosted by BRO Sports™ and the Steem Betting Community (SBC).

If you’d like to join the Discord servers for any of the three communities, you can find them here:

BRO Sports™ Discord
Steem Betting Community Discord
Steem Poker League Discord

You can also support our growing list of affiliates, sponsors, and supporters listed below:

@adsactly-witness and @adsactly
@ats-witness, @ats-david, and @brospn
@spl and @tuck-fheman

We'll see you at the tables!




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Looking forward to this.
Great initiative. Let's make this big!

That's really generous of you. Thanks for putting these on!
Good to have you back, I wasn't aware of the other discord groups I'll check them out. Thanks again.

You can count with me, finally I have some free time back in my life... And I´m going right back to the tables and review some good players!!

Fantastic! Thanks for the great game! Just learned about the SBC through this. Looking forward to some poker :-)

Fantastic post friend thanks

Thanks for bringing in this tourney. Looking forward to it.