Lost motivation.

in #poker3 years ago (edited)

Its 2am and I'm drinking coffee. Lately I have been struggling with motivation. In my line of work (poker) its the bred and butter of success. Being motivated, sharp and well rested is SO important. More often I find myself watching boating videos on YouTube or going over some photos from last summer. Winter holiday next week is going to come at the perfect time.

These are May last year.


Take care


I also struggle with this. After a few years of playing it gets harder and harder to put in the hours unfortunately.

But a small break is always good.

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Do you play poker with sunglasses? 😛I have wondered why some players have 🕶 - is it because behaviour or the next move is then less predictive?

Or do poker players listen/love/hate Lady Gaga’s Poker Face song?😄

And Oops, I hope I don’t fall in the generalisation. 🙉👎🏼

So when I'm home alone playing online poker of course i wear sunglasses and listen to Lady Gaga on repeat.

Or was that meant like a serious question :)

Actually it was. :-) Even thought it has a lot of smiles.🙂

Ok. then I write a proper answer. I don't use any sunglasses and I personally think there should be a rule to ban all the ways to try to hide your face and neck area (like sunglasses, scarf, hoodies etc).

So some people use them to try to hide their facial expressions, like if they are nervous maybe they don't have as good as a hand they want you to think etc.

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