Nice try MrStu 🤣

in #pokemongo6 years ago (edited)


A tounge in cheek Pokémon post from my friend mrStu.
I guess he hasn't caught kyogre yet.
He posts on all thing s pokemon over on Instagram.
Check out his profile

I'm gonna suggest he joins steem.
If he does I'll be sure to direct you to his steem blog when it's up.

EDIT: My friend has told me he found this on Reddit. If anyone knows the original author I will gladly credit them here


Amazing :o

followed, upvoted and resteemed!
was nice post dude,hopefully he joins! if you need more follwers and votes you should sign up here it helps loads of newer users get a following!

lol! Hello! followed, upvoted~! Will you come to see my work?

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