This post is pointless.

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Sorry, couldn't resist. It actually has a point. More specifically, It exists to discuss the new TalkingPoint tribe.

If you have missed the launch, here are a couple of links:

Image sourced from this post, I hope you don't mind.

Great tribe idea.

Politics is an area that many get passionate about. This tribe has the potential to become a great source and home of content, and a variety of views and opinions. Moderation will be based on abuse, not opinion which is great to see. It will be interesting to watch the moderation, as along with passion comes heated discussions, differences of opinion, and the potential for people to take things personally. Trickiest area to get right, but a platform that encourages respectful freedom of speech, that can control some of the worst side of political debate, should do well.

The team.

I have not seen in any of the above posts who the team members officially are, but the discord room and rich list makes it pretty obvious. @whatsup, and @nealmcspadden are active on the discord (hosted in the Steemchat server and appear to be founders. Also, high on the rich list is @themarkymark, appearing to be a co-founder (maybe silent partner, not sure). Anyway, this looks like a strong, smart team that are likely to make this tribe a success.

The Token.

The POINT token has a very different setup to many of the tribe tokens. A short, 3 day payout, that will be recieved 100% staked, and a 7 day unstake period make this token quite different to the norm. It will be interesting to see how this setup works. There is no miners, and no staking rewards, just 50/50 author/curator. An initial airdrop has been made to LEO hodlers, and it will be interesting to see how many get unstaked and sold, and the effect that will have on the price.

Thanks to the team for the initial airdrop, I'll hold on to it, curate and maybe post occasionally when I have something to contribute. Looking forward to being a content consumer here with much lively debate possible.




Thanks for stopping by. Themarkymark, Nealmcspadden and whatsup started the community... but there will be more people on the team.

Looking forward to watching this one develop, could be a winner.

Looking forward to
Watching this one develop,
Could be a winner.

                 - jk6276.leo

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