POGO - Return Of The Water Event

in #pogo2 years ago

Whelps... that didn't last long.

Just two days after the rock even ended, POGO surprised us with the return of the water event! I'll admit I'm very happy to see this even come back as I was quite bummed seeing just "normal" pokemon on the map.

What's This Water Event?

  • For starters, more water pokemon will be spawning. No surprise there.
  • Shellder will have its shiny form released (soo pretty).
  • Special 2KM eggs
  • Double Candy and stardust for egg hatches
  • 3x stardust for catching water pokemon
  • Kyogre raid boss and shiny release!

This event lasts until June 21st (2 weeks), so get out there and scoop them up!


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