Pogo - Community Day with Charmander!

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So May's community day, featuring Charmander, has come and passed. How did you do?

Before the even started, I took a screenshot of Charmander in the Pokedex to register the number of Seen/Caught to record how many I'll see during the event. Starting with 322 seen and 264 caught and ending with 438 seen and 374 caught means I saw 126 Charmanders and caught 110 of them. Not sure why so many were missed, perhaps I used the POGO plus on them or just decided not to capture after a shiny check.


As for the shiny variant, I caught 10! And the first two were shiny! One was right outside my neighborhood, the other was pogo plussed somewhere during the drive. What luck! My best at a community day. This is great considering I started almost an hour late too.

What's the best thing about shiny Charmander?!

Shiny Charizard! This guy is absolutely one of the best looking mons. There's just something about the black. And to go with it, the Blast Burn charge move makes it one of the best non legendary mons out there. Considering how many candies everybody got during this event, power this guy up and save those rare candies to spend on other non-fire type mons.


Another surprised that was pretty much dropped on Community day was the return of Ho-Oh and the inclusion of its shiny form! I was able to partake in one raid during Community day, but was not one of the lucky ones to have captured a shiny Ho-oh! Definitely a nice spice to the day.


We here at the PokeSTEEM Battle League Love to see new Pokemon Content going around and are pretty envious of your Charmander haul. Happy hunting and hopefully you will be interested in our PokeSTEEM GO Hunts coming as soon as we have enough delegation met :).

So jealous xD AGHHHHHH! I couldnt even get one in my area :(

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