End of Earth Day Event, Start of Fighting Event!

in #pogo2 years ago

Seems like events will become the norm in PoGo.
Just a few days ago, the Earth day event, where we say more water, grass, ground spawns and earned 3x stardust on them, ended, a new Fighting event quickly followed in its place!

What is this fighting event, we'll be seeing more fighting type pokemon spawning out in the wild and will receive extra bonuses from various gym interactions! Spinning the photo disc at a gym will yield more items (up to 60 supposedly for gold7-day streak spins), double badge points, more stardust and rare candy post raids. All great stuff so get out there and hit up a gym! Oh yeah, 2 (4 total if you count the evolved forms) new shinies have been added! So shiny check those Makuhitas and Meditites!

As for the water event, I've managed to catch quite a few Wailmers and magikarps, but none of them shiny. My "best" catch was this 0% IV Wailmer. Would've been awesome if it was also at LVL1 and shiny. Haha. As my friend said, that's too much to ask for.

I'll report back in a bit with my progress on this fighting event. Also, Charmander community day is coming up next week!

In game news of the new fighting event!

IV checked via Calcy on Android.

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