Topple In Love💞

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I never think to sell away my ego,
Standing out in crowd in my new tuxedo
When it comes to true connection,
Toppling in love was out of the question

Pride!, I never settle down out of my league,
Always thinking my game was lit
What if my home was in her heart,
She's just a girl, can never doff my hat

Am I wrong, am I proud, or is it just my vow,
No minnow love will make me wow
But when I saw this seamless one,
I thought, it's must be her or none

Wavy thought, I tried hard to give it a shot,
Just for once I will be a man I am not
This girl could just be my wife,
We could sail seas our entire life

Broke my vow and turned to say "Hi",
Make your boyfriend your "x" without asking "y"
Swept by the allure of your beaming eye,
I am in utopia I won't just lie

My bed shakes and her face blew,
All I see as light was blue
Woke to the slam from scream of clock
Oh! I just toppled in love

Please I am available for critics........ I hope you love it

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  ·  last year (edited)

I love how your poem rhyme. It feels like a rap song. Great read by the way.

Also, you should try posting using or eSteem. Both are apps that uses the Steem blockchain. If you post in and use the tag "busy" or eSteem and use the tag "esteem and "esteemapp" you will get free upvotes. Oh right, eSteem is a mobile only app for Android and IOS. Best of luck!

  ·  last year (edited)

Thanks I really do appreciate, love😃, and yes you can vibe with it. Thanks for the recommendation, it's all noted.

have a good luck !

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It can be done as a rap song