The Nature I Love

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-So early in the morning
I hear the cry of cock
Even when it's rainy
I wake to the sound of clock

-I love the turbulence of the ocean
That flow through the tides
I love the "whoosh" the wind makes
Rustling the leaves along the wilds

-I love the bleat of the goat
Soon after they are brought to life
I l9ve the strength of the lion
When it hunts for cub to strive

-I love the soft tan of the sun in the beach
And people laying peacefully
With a smile on their faces
Enjoying the scenery beautifully

-And when the sun sleeps and the moon wakes
Leaving behind dazzling stars in the sky
This is what I call nature!
How I wish I could just fly

-So when I lay to sleep at night
I remember the butterfly with array of colour
Oh! All the things of nature I love
Till my eyes begs to sleep and starts to blur

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  ·  last year (edited)

Exceptionally written i am also poet, this is really nice and your use of repetition, explicit. I just read it again, and..... I love it

Thanks, I am just learning, I could do better than this with practice. However, just Upvoted and followed you now, follow back

i can genuinely say i like this piece. in the first and second stanza, i actually smiled because of your use of imagery and it actually calmed me down which i am guessing was your intent for those two stanzas. the rest i liked and i feel like it is a compilation of thoughts you had which rhymed with the idea (love for nature) you were going for. regardless, not bad at all dear. keep it all the way up.

Thanks I appreciate your comment

Very nicely written :)

Thanks for reading my post, I appreciate your time

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