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Confounded bout what the drift will bring
I hope I'm here to witness it
Trying hard to get a grasp of the troubled wind
I guess my dreams become surreal
A fuse of love and pounds of surly
We swerve from chum and that's sad to me

Friendship is now becoming of age
Ready to die and just buried away
Distance is the poison that hasten it's fate
I get the ashes amity brings and blew it away
Hoping it will reincarnate and be new born
Become reborn just like it were a Phoenix

To head the clan that"ll tell the tale
What tale?!, A tale of bonds that broke
Which manifest while we moved on
We have to move on it can't be helped
But it hurts to see I loose my bonds
Bonds that broke by the winds of mile

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What a good read. The words and stanza are flowing seamlessly. Thanks for the wonderful poem @hardebayo

  ·  last year (edited)

Thanks for taking your quality time to read. Following you already you make good poems too, do same please

Certainly. Goodluck to the both of us.