SPU Poetry Contest #6: The Dance Of Gods

in poetsunited •  last year

As my father would say:
"We are in the magic of the dance."
I would say we are at its hottest core
And our feet have passed into a trance.
Where we are, my girl,
Is 'beyond', where flames of passion
Blaze silently in the formless darkness,
And the heat of our bodies set fashion.
Hold those hands steady;
Feel the world spinning inside your head;
Feel the wildening temperature of a billion hearts
Beating to the steps you have led.
Rise out from this earth;
Find a home in the blankness of space
And as the music grows in tempo,
Run with it at a godlike pace.


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I really love the imagery of this piece...so good, don't even need the image =D Great job!


Thank you so so much!! :) :)

This is really beautiful. I love it, and I mean it! I have read a lot of poetry before, this is one of the absolute best I've read. So my taste. Well done!!