Bodacious and Free Poetry Slam 25

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Bodacious and Free

There’s a place you know you can go
Where the needle hits the vinyl
The record spins and nostalgia grows

A longing desire for a place to call home
Recharge Lithium ions
And relax on La – Z – boy recliners

Instinctively the perfect spot
For a yellow Charbray
To avoid its rider

Born in Oklahoma
Without any rest
This yellow bull kicks

Looking for a place to call its own
No one could ride him

Whether you are Ty Murray or Ty-son
You will be knocked to the ground

Bodacious finds his querencia
In Red River Texas

As I retreat to my fountain of rest
I find the place where all the riders
Have been knocked off my back
Even the best

This is the story of every creature looking for that place we are at home where we can find rest and recharge. Sometimes it seems to me that there really is no place like that but I enjoyed @scuzzy's challenge to write a poem about querencia.

Bodacious was an awesome yellow bull. He earned five years of retirement and spent the rest of his life in Texas. Bodacious Image 1 and Bodacious Image 2

I hoped you enjoyed the poem.
The audio version is on the Youtube link:

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haha! sir mineopoly! sorry I missed this in time to upvote it, dang! yes I have seen Bodacious mentioned in the research I was doing about the bull riders, he was amazing! great word "querencia" never heard it but it looks like Spanish.


Yes... This is a Spanish word "querencia". I took Spanish in high school and college but I still wouldn't recognize that word. I only know it because someone else brought it up. Finding the idea place seemed like a lot of bull to me and bodacious is a lot of bull. The didn't retire him because he needed a brake. They retired him because he was dangerous to the riders. This article is a really interesting side of the rodeo business:

The post is alive as long as the comment is alive @janton and you have the fastest comment in the west. These days I don't have time to put up new posts but I am still checking in every couple days.


sir mineopoly! thanks so much for that link, I will check it out with great interest! School has already started there? you just got back and went to work!


Exactly. How are you holding up? I hope you are healthy and happy and content in the Lord's favor.

One could say "the place is within, not outside us". Anyway, there is some instinctive native feeling in your poem. And i like it. Upvoted.


Thank you @bacus15. You are right to see that the place called "home" is not some place we can find outside but this place comes from inside. This is where we gain our strength and recharge our batteries. I have been living in Korea 20 years and it is not a matter of place but heart.


Having myself enduring and extensive connections with South Indian state of Kerala, i can kind of relate to your words. It is matter of heart, indeed. And only from heart, place is really becoming a thing.

was he treated well after he retired? 😃


He was treated very well. Maybe better than I will be when I retire.


lol ok! 😆

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