@RobynEgg's Poetry Dice Challenge 3000 Wk 10 Entry: The ill-lites/Elites (Original Poem)

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They are the Smiling Faces masking their intentions in attendance amongst the tension
Perched high atop the crests, with covert vests of their gated grid-matrix pyramids
They overlook vast fields of lost Sheeple caught in (cotton) concealed secret guilds
Victimizing those who sleep in slumber deep in heaps of murders
Their black magic stems from ancient Egypt, crypts, where Wand-erers travel
Where Scarab Beetles are used for evil, concocting kilos of needled maladies
They package these creations and pass them off to darker pharmacies
Parachuting down the chutes to shoot up us brutes with vaccinations
They twist the natural, disturb the herbs, injecting the seams of green
Some kill over time or are quick as lightning, surging the body with volts of pain
They will make an example, leaving you trampled, in shambles you ramble insane
The public will follow, your body now hollowed; a mystery while questions remain...

Thank you for reading & listening to this post in its entirety, I hope you enjoyed it for what it's worth.

All Gifs used from Giphy.com

Next Post coming tomorrow

My very own wonderful gif logo provided to me by the generous and kindhearted @papa-pepper Thanks again very much!

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Sir i love your poetry,keep itup,upvoted you sir.


Thank you very much, so glad you love my poetry, that is a nice compliment and encouragement.


always welcome sir


Wow that is brilliant @verbal-d ! Go brother I am so glad you got that out there ) Upvoted my friend !


Appreciate that bro VibZ, I knew this is definitely a poem you could resonate with. I am glad I got it out there too.

omg so powerful! I love it! Cheers!


Thank you very much my friend. So glad you liked this one a lot. I have been absent from your contest but glad I can return focused. Cheers indeed!

Killuminati like Pac said. ☺ Yeah..them can be evil and it's only question of time when will the masses fight collectively against their evil agenda. Great poem B..almost dadaistic...you know I love that kind of style. Keep it up.


Indeed bro. I gotta challenge my mind and test the limits when I am writing. I know there is much more to be uncovered. Thanks agin for your continued support. So many tactics are keeping the masses slow like molasses