"Poetry Dice Entry:" The Soul Sailing.


That light is captured by treetops again.
It shakes free its magic and onto me.
Mary Zane slide into a leafy river afternoon;
Earth refines its song, music for living.
What is this tugging
At the corners of my soul?

It becomes a broad sail shining so I go,
Passing by smaalest Creature that
Know me by my name and I, theirs.
This is easy falling in love,
Sun riding wind caressing Earth,

More sparks from the universe
Everything is in this balance.
Whatever has been, shall be scared,
Revealed in cathedrals of Earth.

So tell me: why do we hurt each other?
Do the skies wound mountain,
Or mountain defy their forests,
Rivers bleed crading lands or
Lands shun bits of stones hidden deep?
We claim the same privilege of lif;
It seeks not to rend, never to ruin .

Forget not the Giver who loves,
Hold back no small act of honor.
Find the root and its branches;
They Anchor us, one to another.
This I recall by Glossy waters,
By the greenness of things.

There, light is captured by tree tops again.
Its shake free its magic. Onto me.
Mary Zane slide, reach inside a bloom of sun
Sheltering a summer sky, soul gliding
Like hope to truth , heart to heart.

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I've never heard of poetry dice, but I love your poem @malay11


Thank you very much sir.

It is not clear to me if you used all the 9 dice images in your poem, malay11, but I really like it. It has nice imagery and flow. The rules of the dice this week say to reference Mary Jane (4) times and you have only referenced (2) times...Overall I appreciate your efforts towards this challenge! :-) Cheers! XO


Thank you sir. It is first time to entry your challenge. Next time I fulfilled all your rules.

Beautiful words with lovely placement!