Poetry Dice Challenge: 3000 Week #2 | Entry #3 - Breaking Dawn

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My demons follow closely that I struggle
As if lost in a pyramid's dark maze
my feet drag on and stumble

I feel like an alien in my own world
In perpetual darkness,
there's no moon in my Underworld

But I want to break free from the demons here
No longer is this gloom my home
I want my sadness to disappear

I will keep trying no matter how hard
My smile will soon break through
and eventually, I will catch my demons off-guard

And like a fish in the sea I will swim away
With hope burning inside my heart
someday, my night will turn into day

My feet drag on and stumble in perpetual darkness. But I want my sadness to disappear. I will keep trying no matter how hard. And someday, my night will turn into day.

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This is my third and final entry for week #2 of @robyneggs' Poetry Dice contest. And as always, if you liked this, please considering giving me an upvote/resteem and tell me what you think? Thanks for reading :)

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Thank you :)

Your best entry yet! I love it! Thanks for entering PDC3K! :-)


I agree with @robyneggs, this is your best entry yet. Solid and beautiful at that. :)


Thank you :) I felt so nervous before hitting the post button for every entry lol


Thank you! :) I'm never confident about any entry as there are so many talented writers here.

Splendid work. I gotta say this is one of my favorite ones. I read all your stuff and I do apologize for not always commenting...

I always look forward to your work. Keep on steemin on!

The Last Sage


Thank you :) And it's alright. I know the feeds move fast so I consider myself lucky when I get an eyeball or an upvote or a comment. I can't always have all three lol

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I love it!! I read a lot of what you write and I am terrible about responding (I hate to sound like I haven't a clue what I am talking about) This deserves to not be ignored. I can feel you inside this poem!

Upped and steemed


Thank you :) I appreciate knowing at least one person reads what I put out (however rarely I do so lol).

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love this part the most :
"I feel like an alien in my own world
In perpetual darkness,
there's no moon in my Underworld" ! ... great ! :)


Thank you :) I hope you can't relate to it though and have lots of light in your own world.


You´re welcome ! :) Happy Weekend !

The words are simply inspiring...l love poetry...its a real life..thanks for sharing..check few of mine @mcsamm ..but yours incredible...upvoted..keep steeming