Poetry Dice Challenge: 3000 Week #2 | Entry #1 - The Moon Behind the Clouds

in poetrydice •  2 years ago


It's a dark, cloudy night inside your heart
It feels as if you'd break apart
A shadow always looms over you
You're trapped with nowhere to run to

I know you're desperately sad deep inside
A grand tomb inside, you steadfastly hide
But I see through the fake smile in place
It looks alien upon your lovely face

So please, let me in if only just for a day
Give me a chance to let your heart swim away
From the shadows that put you in a haze
Let my passion set your heart ablaze

Let me be the moon to light your way
Even on your darkest nights I'll stay
I'll be the home that will shelter you
And I will always love you through and through

Your heart feels trapped inside a grand tomb. The fake smile in place looks alien. Please give me a chance. Let my heart light your way. On your darkest night, I'll shelter you. And I will always love you through and through.

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This is my first entry for week #2 of @robyneggs' Poetry Dice contest. If you liked this, please considering giving me an upvote/resteem and tell me what you think? Thanks for reading :)

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This one really speaks to me...speechless. It's absolutely perfect. <3


Thank you :) Sorry I haven't been able to catch you online in a while. I hope you're doing well <3

Excellent entry - thanks for participating!!! XO


Thank you for the opportunity :)

Wow absolutely beautiful. So powerful. I too have felt these feelings... sometimes trapped when the sadness seeps in. So well written. Thank you.



Thank you :) I certainly have a lot to learn from you on how to weave words beautifully though. But I'm glad you found value in it. Here's to us escaping sadness :)


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