The Poetry Dice Challenge - #38~ The Poetic Cipher Revealed

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Welcome Back To the Poetry Dice Challenge - #38~ The Poetic Cipher Revealed

This week it's all about creating a poetic code. Are you up for the challenge?

Your piece of the code will be revealed in shades of three phases: 1. Using the story prompt. 2. Choosing a vibrational number and use that number in your poem, 3. By choosing one of the dice rolls that compliments your poetic piece.

The first cipher of the day is... either you are on the outside looking in or you are all committed and within and to those that are of the latter... read the entire transmission below because this poetic cipher is getting ready to flow.

(1)Story Prompt

There were eight of them and they all entered alone one by one a few minutes apart

In the small dark room on the 11th floor of a hotel in an undisclosed location.

As they pulled off their disguises and got comfortable, they all gathered around the boardroom style table and began to discuss the state of cryptocurrency in digital markets.

The question before all of them was how do we improve the infrastructure of our decentralized systems and protocols to bring consumers and investors to our platforms.

They all agreed that they must find the code which is the formula to bring about a resurgence in the cryptocurrency market

They all agreed that the code was the missing piece and that this code went much farther than zeros and ones. But it was a code, a cipher that was both poetic and prose.

Within this Poetic Cipher Code, there were stories that were told about life, love, imagination, fantasy, and adventure.

And they knew that the only one that could lead them to the person or persons that knew the coded poetic formula would be the Poetic Curator Ren.

Ren was an extremely private person she traveled the world and rarely revealed her identity. It took them 11 months.

Now that Ren has been located she is sending a poetic invitation to the ones that she knows that have the Poetic Cipher Code in their possession. The way that the message is written will only attract those Poets that possess the rare and missing pieces of the code.

(2)Choose a Number

Click the post link and choose a number ~

(3)Choose the Dice Roll That Best Suites Your Poetic Cipher Code

The Silver Dice Roll, 2.flower, 3.question mark, 4.eye, 5.lock, 6.moon,7. smiley face, 8.beetle, 9.lightning

The Platinum Dice Roll

1.airplane, 2.question mark,, 4. hand, 5. sheep, 6.arrow, 7. fish, 8. abacus, 9. credit card

The Gold Dice Roll

1.tepee, 2. direction sign, 3. sleeping, 4. earth, 5. abacus, 6. magnifying glass, 7. lock, 8. keyhole, 9.tree

The Reward

The four winners of this weeks challenge each has a rare missing piece of the code.

• First place winner ~ 8 Steem
• Second place winner ~ 6 Steem
• Third place winner ~ 4 Steem
•Fourth Place Winner~ 3 Steem
Total prizes in Steem this week will be 21 Steem


  1. Create a poem using the 9 images on the dice {above}
  2. All 9 images on the dice must be referenced at least once in the poem.
  3. Make a post from your poem and use “Poetrydice” as your first tag.
  4. Label your entry clearly. Include “Poetrydice” in your title.
  5. Drop a link to your post in the comment section below (link’s only please)
  6. Winner’s will be chosen with consideration of the following: Your inclusion of this week’s theme, grammar rhythm, imagery, and creativity.
  7. Please resteem this post to help get the word out about the PDC

Deadline to enter

Monday, September 17, 2018, 12 midnight (eastern standard time, Georgia, U.S.A.)

The PDC #38 is officially open for play!

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what a strange sight to see only one entry, i was hoping for people to crowd up. as i was not going to participate, and let others win and grow. but oh well. i se theres no other options so i came here to steal the show. i used my number five resonating number. just so you know.
MY ENTRY------------------------------------------- i didnt want to delete the piece i created, so i posted it anyway... .
i do hope people will come as i would want to see what they got up their sleeves.


This is a Poetic Prose journey you are taking the readers on. I DO LOVE THIS!! @franciferrer. Great job! I am re-steeming this one, my friend. Thank you for your entry.

I'm trying to learn japanese

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why there are no other entries?


Don't worry about it @franciferrer you have done a great job with your post. Whether a few come or a lot I am still in it for the love of the game. And I am keeping it moving. And so should you. Have a Happy Happy Day! @franciferrer.


Maybe there will be a last minute rush :-)


Maybe we will see...


If it is a low entry don’t be disheartened Ren - these are fun and I’m sure the numbers will recover :-)


I'm not disheartened I don't go by numbers. I am happy and good regardless of the turnout. I am too busy in life to be otherwise. And life is too short to sweat the small stuff.