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My first time to join Poetry Dice Challenge 3000- - Week 23 hosted by @robyneggs and @rensoul17. Nothing to lose and no one is loser for getting our heart and mind work! :)♥

A Mother's Love and Legacy


When I was young I remember being so annoyed
I thought, did she enjoy giving spanks and scold

To everything she said, I didn't listened
I'd been that curious girl feeling imprisoned

Though food, money and everything is scars
I was lucky to be sent to school and learn the charts


Yearly we have to gather and recycle notebooks
Good thing government offers free books

My mother wants me to join a band
But my mind is just into shore and sand


Spank is her way to keep me on dry land
Every spite was in this little girl's mind

With the intention to gives us further education
She took next station and pursue that job application

Since she left and work outside country
I miss the teachings, spanks, and her being funny


Old enough to go and travel alone
Sad that I just can see you on the screen of my phone


I see you in all beautiful flowers that I pick
I feel you in all plants that I don't want to kick

Now that I am grown and have a child of my own
I want to bring him to camps and light few lamps


Wander around and write your name on the trees
Let you be the key to feel the warm and gentle breeze


To this cruel d@mn world I am but nothing
Mother knows best listen to her warnings


There is much more than earth's magnet down beneath
It is a mother's love that will make one person complete

January 2018, Philippines

Thank you for reading! ♥

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All mothers will love this poem, it's full of emotion that can touch the reader's heart.
Goodluck to you. wish you win this contest.


Thank you very much for the well wish ^^
I love creating poems about mons. Mother's should always be n the pedestal of everything.

Wow! Very powerful poem!! This is definitely one of my favorites. A mother's love will always be wanted, even if a childhood was harsh. It's amazing how much we live our parents. We don't realize it until we are parents ourselves. Xo Cheers!


Aw.. you're too kind. This is just a work of an amateur poem appreciator who pour her heart to her writings. How my heart beats when someone appreciates it. ^^
Thank you, @robyneggs.

That is so true. Some realizations hits us so hard sometimes, it is a bit late. But.. such is life.
We owe it to our parents to be a great parents ourselves too for our kids/ future kids.

I really like this poem
So original and rich
I dont have a child yet but i can relate lol
I used to fight my mom when i was younger. Now I miss her, she is late.


My gladness that you liked it. Thanks a lot, @ponmile!
No matter how much we'd been a stupid and silly kids before, our moms already forgave us even before we realized our wrong doings. Cheers to all mothers out there!

I suddenly miss my mom and my childhood. Thank you for taking me back to my precious memory lane. @feye


My pleasure, buddy.
Same here and t'was a good minutes of flashback. ❤

This is so awesome. You are so good in writing poems.


Not there yet, buddy.
Not there yet, not even close. :)

We will always be a student of life and poetry. ♥