Steemit Poetry Contest #16 - The Winners!

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DISCLAIMER - Yes, I know that the Steemit logo has changed, but I like the old one more and do not want to change it :)


My Greetings To You!

Steemit Poetry Contest takes a short break - week or two. I need to solve some issues in reality. In any case, I'll try to resume as soon as possible!

The winners of the Steemit Poetry Contest #16

1st Place - "Image In Nations" by @mdbrantingham

I magine nations fearlessly entwined,

M obile citizens and open borders,

A narchies transparently inclined,

G overned only by internal orders.

I magine nations bound by common will,

N ot twisted by the motives of a few,

A narchy empowered to fulfill

T errestrial potentials anew.

I magine nations coming together

O bligated by the common weal,

N ecessitated by a love of brother,

S ociety embracing what is real.

2nd Place - "Imagination" by @boatsports90

We wake up to nothing but silence

There is no harm, there is no violence

Our news is happy and free of fear

If only this time was a little more near

We make it through another day

There was no war, there was no betray

Our family is peaceful and at ease

If only this time came with the breeze

We lay down and dream through the night

There was no wrong, but only right

We all know the desired destination

But for now, it’s only in our imagination

3rd Place - "I'm a genie" by @diebitch

I traipsed along the wave

of a chocolate covered sea,

plucked a candy apple

straight from the tree.

Jumped high,spoke to the sky

on a bubblegum trampoline,

hid away from the world,

till the sky turned citrine.

Reality stuck out its foot

tripped imagination,so it fell

down to my officious office

proclaiming ”Welcome to hell!”

4th Place - "FAR AWAY" by @kivar

Eyes closed, i wander far away,

reality is dark, but in my dreams nights are days,

I never stumble, I never fall,

I'm revived by the waves of an open shore.

Far away in that world i see,

Foot steps of man on an open sea,

All hands equal, all hearts true

Fear dancing away to an endless tune.

Mysteries, open for all to see,

Happiness and joy for all to feel,

Wishes granted out in the open sky

Till my eyes open and my dream fades by.

5th Place - "The Man Who Reads A Thousand Books Lives A Thousand Lives" by @calluna

These dust lined shelves serve to hide

Secret passages to the other side

Bound between leather faced plates

Distant worlds and adventure awaits

Pages brush beneath the skin

Echoing of the lands within

These characters serve as incantations

To summon a world of another's creation

Portals flit between vellum leaves

Bound by the spine to their sleeves

Pathways forged by ancestral guides

Scribe the way to the other side

6th Place - "I am imagination" by @dmilliz

Listen as I say, imagine if you may

your desires manifesting right here this day

you have to have faith and be absolutely sure

these are the traits that I do adore

I give to the rich, the wicked and the poor

as long as they ask by knocking on my door

Where is this door that I so speaketh

It is between your ears, no illusive secret

knock by believing the scripts that you play

motions in the mind shall manifest this day

be the role in the realm without

be bold be confident never you doubt

I wish everyone good luck and creativity!

Let's make STEEMIT more interesting and varied together!

Sincerely, Terry Craft.

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Wow, that #1 poem is deep. Simple but yet deep. I imagine a world where we live in peace also. Sadly, I believe the world must be washed of all its evil before we see that happen.

@boatsports90 atta boy! The other poems are also solid! Good competition. I see you've moved on from booze and nfl ;)


Thank you sir! Yea lot of good competition! hahaha, don't worry, booze and football will be back. I did start the poem about my pipe though - just for you buddy!


Im eager to hear it Mr Bagins! (Hope you've watched LOTR and the Hobbit lol) or i'll have to find a new reference!


😂 don't you worry, love LOTR. Saw the first hobbit but not the others if I remember correctly


Was definitely just a money grab they didn't have to make 3 Hobbit movies but they were all still good! LOTR is definitely king though!


Haha yea probably a little unnecessary. I'll have to watch the others sometime. Yea definitely hard to beat!

Have an energy to resolve any issue! You are great and powerful!

Congratulations to all winners hope you enjoy this contest. And hope for next partition in next contents. I believe that more steemit user now enjoy this season

Congratulations to the winners. Thanks for hosting the contest @terrycraft! Hoping to participate in the future.☺

This is really nice, thanks!

Poetry contest of yours truly help other steemians who has talent in poetry to share their thoughts... Congratulations to all winners☺️ 😄

Good job .. keep post good
.it's resteem by @mrs.roy
Follow us for #resteem #new #mypost

Thanks so much for choosing my poem, Terry. It's a really great contest. I hope you will run more of them. The way you do it is very engaging.

Congratulations to the winners. Gonna be a part in the future. Thanks for posting.

Loving these poems. Well done to all! I'll enter again soon!

its very difficult to creat a poem ..... its need hard work. will try. then attand the contest.

Congratulations to the winners! You deserve what you have! Keep steeming and inspiring!

I hope everything's well with you @terrycraft! Everything will be alright! :)

Congratulations to all the winners! :)

Congratulations! I'm very happy because the 1st place was reached by my favorite poem: @mdbrantingham left me in awe!

Best wishes for your real life, @terrycraft. See you soon, or better read you soon with more poetry and more contests. ;)

A valuabale contents of poetry, congratulations to all winners.

Hooray! I'm honored to have placed. A lot of great poems! Congrats to everyone else who placed as well. Thank you again for putting this on and can't wait for it to get started back up!

Thanks a lot for hosting Terry!

Congratulations to all the winners.

Grateful for the competition. Steemit is really an amazing community

thank you so much @terrycraft! i feel quite confident now because i wouldn't have believed that i could actually win. bless you!

Congrats to all winners!

I am very happy if you want to help me

congratulations to all the winners! they truly deserve the win.

Congratulations to all the winners! @terrycraft, I hope your issues resolve themselves easily IRL <3

Nice information @terrycraft

Don’t forget help me with your upvote.. Thanks