Steemit Poetry Contest #10 " Snowflake" (Original Poem by @dagger212)

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It started with a snowflake; delicate, pure, floating out of distant sky.
Settling on an ancient mountain, joined by billions as heavens turned white.
Crystallizing on those slopes, radiant, blinding, as storm passed by
Sun returning, bathing landscapes in powerful, glorious light. A trickle.....

Down the mount the trickle grew; laughing, singing, joyful as it found its way
Through crevasses, over cliffs, calling brethren to its side
Icy streams and babbling brooks leap waterfalls, rainbows displayed
Joining forces, raging rivers emerge on which the snowflake rides. A torrent....

Out of forests onto plains; surging, swelling, revelling in newfound strength
Pressing 'gainst banks long defined, this artery of life flows on.
Overpow'ring, finally. They know not to what lengths
This snowflake goes to freely roam the road it travels on. A flood....

raging river.jpg


I've always been fascinated by how such tiny beginnings can have immense impacts by the time they're done "growing". This is true in many aspects of life. From this tiny snowflake, to political movements, to even our journey here on SteemIt. Small incremental steps, when added together, can end up yielding world-changing events. We all came into the world in the same way....

I hope you enjoy this. Thanks for reading. And thank you to @terrycraft for putting this contest on. It really is a great thing he's doing to create more art and beauty in this world. I know I, for one, would never have written this poem without this incentive.....and now it's on Steem forever.... 🙇

I got all pictures from GoogleImages.....

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I liked the way you told this story from the perspective of a snowflake. I think the progression in the way you tell it pulls the reader in and allows us to share in the adventure a little bit. I also like the reference to the "ancient mountain" and the depth it gives to the poem right off the bat. Nice write.

Thank you! These 12 line poems that @terrycraft requires for his contests really make it challenging to present big ideas. Every word needs to count so setting the right tone early is important. Thanks for reading and replying.

Oh my this is so beautiful!! The feeling it gives you of being swept along with the growing current is hair raising! I have always loved how water makes the journey from a drifting flake, to a gushing stream, to a swelling river and one day, hopefully, the ocean, or in this case, a flood. You have captured the dream of that drifting snowflakes so fantastically! Good luck!

Thank you! I'm with you on the journey from the flake to the sea. I've gone that route in some of my past poems. This is for @terrycraft's contest though and the "topic" is growth so a snowflake to a flood seemed more appropriate. Thanks for reading and replying. I appreciate it!

Thank you for sharing this post because you just did not share this post. This post has written a nice way to make everything easy to understand. Your words are very valuable

My pleasure. Thanks for reading and replying.

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