"YOUR TIME" My own poem

in #poetry2 years ago (edited)


I don't like flowers.
I don't like cake.
I don't like anything,
not even choc'late.

I don't like teddy bear.
I don't really care,
I don't like anything,
they won't make me feel better.

I don't like lies.
I don't like alibis.
I don't like anything,
that makes me cry.

I don't like rules.
I don't like clues.
I don't like anything,
that makes me blue.

And I don't hate
all of our dates
I do appreciate,
just don't be late.

I don't need dime.
I need your time
time to spend with me
just for a while.

And if you think
I asked too much
then you don't deserve
to have my heart.

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wow, this is awesome, @zoeroces

this is a lovely poem. keep it up


From your steemitdavao family

Hehe. Ty sir. Ty my steemitdavao family 💗

Nice piece sister. keep on writing poems ;)

Hey @zoeroces, nice piece! Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed your writing. Keep up the good work!

Ty so much 💋

sorry huh busy man gud kaayo ko,, hahaha,,

nice poem,, :)

Haha! All good. Ty💋

nice @zoeroces :)
from steemit davao family :)

Ty, sissy. 💋

very well said sis.. Nice piece :)

Ty, dear💋

amazing poetry!

Thabk you so much.💋

your welcome im a poetry too from venezuela, bilingual writer, if you wanna visit my blog, i have some interesting stuffs there ;) blessings

I love this poem ...

Lovely poem. Upvoted sis! 😊

Beautiful poem and picture. Wonderful combination. Excellent work :) Keep it this way.

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Nice poem Zoe..


Wowww!! What a lovely poem. ❤️❤️❤️

...ahahaha i can relate to your poem...i had so many dislikes...i have many thoughts in my mind that he should meet my expectations before he wins me...

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same here time is more important..

wow singer na poet p!

Haha! Ty sissy. 💋