Your story My hope

in #poetry3 years ago

Your story My hope


I'm happy to have this family
I'm comfortable with this life
I'm happy to be a part of her life
Where the needs of my wishes are met
Where is my high education
Where my wealth is sufficient
Where I became the child of a prominent family
Where's all I want
But sometimes all my wishes are not fulfilled
Or whatever

Them? Yes, they told me that
With happy faces, they told them all
With their cute and innocent faces told them all

And I ? Yes, I
I can only smile and say "I'm happy with your happiness"
Silently said
I am nothing compared to you
how happy your life is
how grateful your life is
how how and how

Me? Yes I am now just thinking
How can I make my family happy?
How do I make my family smile?
How do I make my family proud?
How do you achieve that dream?
When did I succeed and change everything?

I don't know
I know this is Your test
I know this is part of Your plan
And I know this is best for me

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