Unholy promises

in #poetry3 years ago


Millions of verses line up neatly
Thousands of heavenly temples descended to the side
Also the stars descended upon it
The months were approaching silence
Get down, down, down ... Get down
Also illuminates ...
A definite footprint
Every light shines through the foot of the foot
The support of the dry barren land

He said, his horns, caught him, made ...
Rhyme a promise,
Take a promise,
Never, don't say
If you can't stand it, face it
I am strong to hold back a breath of soul ...
Soy spoke a promise, which was barbaric
Kan wrap a corpse that smells good
Because the blood is sucked up
The one he ever vowed
Calling it a true hypocrite
Who created orange before night, looks famous

Seizure two lives ensnared
Tie the rope of mortal, airless lost
Two souls tied together, tie a promise
Make him promise
Say it once
Say only finger picking
I promise
No, no, yes, no ...
You, I didn't touch his understanding

Dozens of traces of jewels
Unlimited power
It's no use ... just right here ...
Forge the word gold, diamonds, gems, pearls
Locked treasure
It is a promise, it cannot be broken ...
Once, a lifetime pays off
Bring you fire or fame

And when it's a promise, it's spoken a dream
Choose me, keep ...
Choose me, rot yourself ...
Make your dreams come true
The answer deserves it looks just ....
In the largest incision is split
Red heart
If it is holy, there is no match for the beauty of the universe

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