Treasure Forbidden Love

in #poetry3 years ago


Break down destroy
looking for the crack of a fragile soul
stimulates all the pedaling

Dare to reach goals
looking for love love making love
figurative story devoid of meaning

dance coiled hearts
mirrored glass mirror
clad-like style

me with useless love
inflamed arousal
kneel sacred paradigm

adore mortal frenzy
losing the battle against the fatwa
faith and piety are meaningless

you love comes with love
This heart switched ripples beyond measure
Dare to be brave

inflamed not let it
melted lightning smell of conscience
moping you are rich

tells the story of tempest
when you are quiet you are forced to wake up
dry sweat in the heart

here until the sun won't rise again
running after love stymied by treasure

I unfolded against a pink concrete wall.
A small white light shining on the dark of my heart that never color as limited as my imagination.
A breezy cry crossed my ear window.
What do lovers want with their love?
What did Adam want for his life?
The barrier of love only deceives the eyes of the heart.
The corner of the eye begins to feel uncomfortable with all the souls of tenderness.
I don't know what else poets often do for their work.
Could it be that the minority poet is able to grasp the dreams of his work.
Or the barriers are increasingly unable to get past him.
Now a glimmer of hope is weak towards Him.

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