Not Beautiful Lonely

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Not Beautiful Lonely

Hello everyone, I want to share a poem with all of you entitled Not Beautiful Sepi, this poem describes how my heart is at this time, I hope you like it.

greet you manifest the spirit
The laughter shakes my pulse
You reveal the secret of life, the story of black and white has you stepped on
your perfect complacency I fall in love,
this close, share the story,
maybe you feel peace with me,
and definitely grow in love no matter what happened to me
always try to touch your heart,
I describe all the sense of translation in words
I guessed wrong, even though you're a broken heart,
Even though I still accompany you,
but your love is not replaced I'm not your goal
disappointed in this ta do you understand,
I packed already and went running to extinguish the fire,
you love create lonely crumbled hope despite my high dreams
lonely is ta beautiful ta bright without welcoming your idol

Until here, my poetry, sorry if there is a lack in my poetry because I am still a beginner in this world of poetry, wait for my next poem tomorrow, please support

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