Hope and Struggle

in #poetry3 years ago


Step by foot it was stepping
along stanza after verse of his life
hobbled by the rigors of a life's worth
embrace the swift turmoil of romance
even though he knew he would be hurt but he still walked

he knows that it is already in sight
but he is reluctant to open his eyes when his feet have stepped on, ..
sooner or later he will meet the abyss
like it or not, strong or weak
for a life struggle he did not see

now the footprints have walked
down and feel the pain
he has chosen to be hurt
even though he knew it was not the desired path
his hopes are extinct his dreams dwell in his heart
clasped her hands tightly wishing she was strong

he tried to keep his rough hand from the pain
the pain of lies
honesty about his feelings he hides
even though a sea of ​​anger and sorrow in the heart awaits

rose from the murky life path
like a fisherman who forgot the dock where he stopped by
his life was lost to the wind
disappeared with the waves that came
blown with the sailing sea breeze
but he continued to fight and fight, ..




Lawak kadeuh lom 😅😅😅

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