You are all I want...

in #poetrylast year (edited)

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I do not know how to show my love to you

when I have no limits to feel your affection

I do not how to write about my love to you

when I have no words for your your love

You showed me how to adore you with my heart

And, how to make your love crystal with my spirit

My affection for you is straightforward and profound with delight

And , consistently streaming towards you with joy

Cherishing you is something that comes simple from my heart

And, the motivations to love you more for your thoughtfulness

Your affection keeps me solid and light up my spirit ordinary

And, I can't act naturally without you being near me

You generally hold me when I am down with tears

And, grip me when I am down with agony

Presently, All I need is to cherish you until the end of time


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