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If you feel frustrated because you do not achieve your goal or do not get the money you want to have an important person who is in the middle to reach your goal, do not fade or cry, opportunities sometimes disguise as obstacles.
If your emotions flow and your imagination flies to a perfect world for you or rarer than the world of Alice in Wonderland, you are on the right path for how difficult it will be to cross it.
If the time to be near the goal decides to surrender, make your effort and stay lost, be brave and continue on the road to your dream is the best option.
If you find your way full of negative people, you should clean the garbage and do not take it out alone.
If you are proud of what you have, you will not deny it or hide it from reality.
If you like to use like a swan in your lake, why tarnish your happiness with tears?
If you do not have a way to release your stress within your daily routine, change the routine and do not let it become routine.
If you have to learn with the disappointments that giving everything, it does not mean receiving everything.
If you have to learn that life is not alone, but that you must continue with it and live it at its best to be happy.
Then you will realize that it is better not to cry in the lake of swans, the lines of your body will draw a curve that will become art and you will enjoy your beauty and inspiration to follow your path and control the consequences of your life, to achieve it your goal.

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