A poem by YourMercury. It has no title. Comment if you have one I'll be glad to

in #poetry2 years ago (edited)

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His smile was never real.

He was hurting because of what he did.

He was scared that they would come to see the truth

for the truth was twang on his tongue at a time when bitter was sweet enough.

Now he learns that life is a hunter and it hunts for the things in our cupboards.

And so he called on death to make a deal
that his cupboard be concealed forever with him.

And so he gave himself as an offer.

But death was indeed a careless keeper

and for keeping treasures, death had no helper

and so death asked for a hand from amongst the the living. For the mans cupboard was damn heavy.

So the cupboard fell down and a skull came out before the sons of life.

And there began careless whispers in the air

Now life got to hear of it

   —YourMercury Polycarp


Beautiful poetry there,how did i missed upvoting this neh? Too much feeds i guess

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