Tonight - Poetry

in #poetry4 years ago

Tonight feels different
Unlike other nights of the night
Tonight I'm so sad
My heart melted in the grief.

Black tonight closes
Everything is dark no white
The two eyes I see are the same black
Black which also colored the heart porch.

I'm so sad tonight
Wanted the taste of this eye crying
Want to feel this mouth berate
Wanted the taste of this esophagus roared
Until the sadness is dead.

I must be strong
I can not be a cotton that can be in the wind
I can not be a wood burning coals
I must be strong.

I have to be a rock that is resistant to the waves
I must be a strong tree root holding back the wind
I must be a thorn to protect me
Protecting something I love
Though in the end I had to die for her.


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