Stems of Wisdom 432 Blooms (verse 1)

in poetry •  7 months ago


The carving of the pumpkin eaters
The starving of the nudge up to your open sore to touch you bleeders
The walk up to you but never greet you speakers
The run away from you when you share your story and abandoned feelers
The wait around for something to happen to you before you show your concerns
The wait around for something to pop off before you share your turns
The stick around with you while you go through the motions of regress and mood shifts
The hold you up in their home while you down on your last two working the double shift
I can take the blame the shame the games and the lie detector test
I'll take all the generosity and disguise the mise as mindfulness
Scary k nines got the the hair raising
The prices of the wolf tickets
Totally fershnikit off that 432 love potion but under 21
Barely legal tender got the squares gazing while his wife is pulpitted
completely oblivious about that 432 hertz love music wonder drug

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