Poem / Untitled pt 5

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Untitled pt 5

Living in fiction
I picked up a manga on the way home
It's Friday night
I'm all alone

Tomorrow's the day
I'm not sure what she'll say
I'm just hoping she will finally tell me
What's been making her bleed

I looked down at my watch
Ten pm on the dot
I have an hour to eat and read
Let me go see what I can cook up
There's only a lonely ramen cup

I need to go and get some fresh veg tomorrow
And maybe some crustaceans
Fresh and alive
I can pop 'em into a pot and serve 'em nice and hot :D

But for now
I'm gonna have to be happy with my cup
I'll add some eggs to mix it up
Maybe I have some cooked cow

This'll do
This manga I found is pretty cool
eleven thirty it's a pretty late night
It's been a long day that only ended with fights

Please just stop
I've never hit my alarm clock
I have to get ready
I still have to drive over to my spot

What am I gonna wear?
Anythings fine
I just need to pull a comb through my hair

I'm a bit early
I guess I'm over enthusiastic
Only quarter to eight
I just hope she isn't late
My eyes are a bit heavy
I'm just gonna close them for a bit

My eyes started to tremble
I could feel a tear
It's so bright
Why am I here?

Good morning
That voice sounds familiar
What's the soft thing I'm resting on
Wasn't I just on the bench

I opened one eye to realize I was on her lap
I jumped up and felt my sleepy eyes snap
I'm so so sorry
It's all good, don't worry

I saw you taking a nap
And decided to lean you over onto my lap
Are you alright?
There's a tear blocking your sight

I'm okay,
I'm just tired and irritated from yesterday
Would you like to speak about it?
Her eyes with shining light were lit

Just some idiots in the office
Thinking they were better than our bosses
It's nothing to serious
I'm glad, don't be too sad

I hope I haven't ruined your plans
Not at all
Come with me
There's a park in the middle of Seventeenth

I got up and looked at her properly
She had a little white dress on
The image of purity
What ever hurt her is killing me

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It wasn't a long walk
There were millions of mulberry trees
All the fruit had already been plundered

What's been bothering you?
I... I... Don't have a clue
I've been in a bad state of mind
My minds been murky for a while

I saw you in the street
Walking around looking pretty upbeat
I'd been in court for a while
I'd just lost my grandfather
The will read that most of his property was mine
The whole family displayed an outburst that led to crime

I'm so divided
I haven't had time to morn
I've had so many problem
Some of my family wish I'd never been born
I'm just in such a bad place
I just want to leave and go to outer space

A tear started to fall
Another followed
Her eyes started streaming
She looked like the person I've been needing

Thinking to myself
My life has been so melancholic
To work in the morning and back
If I drank I'd probably be an alcoholic

Tell you what
I wrapped her in my arms
Lets make a deal
I'll keep you safe and protect you from harm
She started to tremble
Then after a couple of seconds... calm
Time passed for a while
I let go to see a broad teary eyed smile

I have a few things I need to get today
Do you mind coming with me?
Then we can head back to my place
Do you like sushi?

Her eyes lit up
I love sushi
We walked back to my truck
Good, I'm making a crap-load of sea food

-I'm not sure what I should do-
-I have so many things I want to ask you-

By Ethan

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed! If you did and want to hear more you can follow me here (^~^) <(^~^<)

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nice poetry shared, thanks.

Sounds really familliar ^^ and a really great poem!

Who said poetry doesn't make money? @xxsenpaixsamaxx what a beautiful poem, you are an artist and the picture mmmm made your post even better.

You are a real artist - you inspired me :)

@xxsenpaixsamaxx very nice poetry love it very much best one keep sharing best wishes

@xxsenpaixsamaxx Very well performed for sticking at it! It's really a new technique for lifetime therefore you are modern-day pioneers. Adore it..

@xxsenpaixsamaxx A great deal details thanks for sharing. Like it..

Please follow back. Awesome poems

What a wonderful poem so full of many feelings. You really out did yourself today. Sorry I am so late. I've had an extremely busy date so I am up pretty late. Keep writing! I love your poems!!! :D


Don't stress :) thank you :D

OMG. :0 That was unexpected hahaha. I loved ittttt.<3 And I must have been addicted to your poems lol, I've been waiting and checking your blog whenever I got home from school. haha, so much for that, this poem is really great. :) I love every single bit of it especially the cute moments of the characters. Kawaii~ Sugoi Ethan-sama! Will wait for part 6 :P Gambatte kudasai! ^^


Part six will be out later tonight, i really appreciate you always commenting, it keeps me going XD arigatou. I'm also still in school :D


I will definitely read it. ^^ It's not really a problem since I genuinely like your poems. :))

Whoah, really? It's cool to know that we have something in common, I bet terror professors are familiar with you too hahaha. XD


Still only in senior high though, I have some irritating teachers but nothing to bad XD


Oh haha. Then you are my junior lololol. XD I can relate to you a little about irritating teachers XD hahaha.


I might be your junior in age XD but I'm probably your senior on steemit :)


I should say that you're right about that,.. Senpai. haha :)

That was really cute. I wish they had more conversation. I'm hooked. hehe 'til the next episode. :)

This storytelling kind of poem brings joy to my reading passion, I never tried to write a story-poem, but I will give it a try at one point, thank you for your inspiration!